Credibility without a Degree

On Time’s website, Michael Ellsberg makes a passionate case for seeking non-college methods to achieve intellectual credibility. I firmly agree with this argument, but worry that his advocating of a large social-media presence combined with watching Khan Academy videos is still a risky proposition for many 18-year-olds. 

For the past 20 to 30 years, a generation was hit over the head with the idea that those without college degrees are less employable than those with the piece of paper. I’ve heard a higher-up once state that her company would not hire a secretary without a degree. 

While many readers of PBC believe that too many people go to college, nothing will change unless prominent businesses take the lead by announcing to the public that a degree is not a necessary qualification for employment with them. That is easier said than done; job candidates are essentially paying for employment testing instead of the hiring organizations. Which organization will step up to buck the trend and turn down this free service?

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