Elizabeth Warren, the Magical Cherokee

Elizabeth Warren has repeatedly denied in recent weeks that she told Harvard she was Native American, or that her claims to minority status had any role in her hiring. However, the Boston Globe presented her with evidence that cast doubt on her claims, and now she admits that she told Harvard she was a member of a racial minority group. Furthermore, the former dean of Harvard Law School says he was aware of Warren’s claims to minority status at the time she was hired as a tenured faculty member in 1995.

If readers recall, after this story first broke, there was an initial claim about a possible great-great-great grandmother who may have been Cherokee, which would have made Warren 1/32 Native American. Nevermind the fact that being 1/32 part Cherokee would not be enough to legally claim minority status under federal guidelines. Warren’s campaign touted the supposed great-great-great Indian grandmother story for weeks. But, eventually, even this claim unraveled. There was no great-great-great Cherokee grandmother.

Yet, comically, rather than confessing her lie, or even saying she was mistaken, Warren and her campaign have doubled down on the Indian heritage fable. Warren issued a statement on Wednesday saying, “My Native American heritage is part of who I am, I’m proud of it and I have been open about it.”

It’s as if she thinks that simply saying she is Native American makes it so. If she “identifies” as Native American, then hey, who cares if she’s genealogically the whitest member of the Harvard faculty? It’s relativism and multiculturalism combined into one big bag of magical identity politics. She won’t let biology get in the way. The truth, after all, is relative — elite academics have been telling us this for a long time.

The lies are piling up for Elizabeth Warren.

There is much, much more to this story, including how she went from listing herself as “white” in the mid-1980s at the University of Texas, to listing herself as Native American in the early 1990s — the same period during which she suddenly was launched into a series of prestigious and lucrative teaching jobs in the Ivy League, a position in the Obama administration, and, she hoped, eventually a seat in the United States Senate.

Her claims to even the slightest bit of Native American ancestry have been thoroughly debunked. Her campaign is collapsing under the weight of 20 years of lies — lies upon which she built her entire career. Still, she refuses to tell the truth.

Click here for my article today at The College Fix, which lays out all the details.

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