On Elizabeth Warren’s Qualifications

A Washington Examiner article notes that Elizabeth Warren’s JD is from Rutgers, a law school far below the usual ranking for law profs at Ivy League institutions, or even any of her previous faculty posts.

Where one went to law school doesn’t actually have the slightest bearing on one’s competence to teach law and do the obligatory legal research (that is, cranking out law-review articles with vast numbers of footnotes; walk into a law library and you’ll see mountains of bound volumes of these almost-never-read works), but there is a pecking order of prestige in law schools. Anyone who wants to get into the law-prof business who doesn’t have a degree from an elite school has a tough time of it. There’s an implicit assumption that if you couldn’t get into one of those top law schools, you’re probably not the right material. But evidently Warren realized that she could overcome that “disability” by trumping it with minority status.

None of this has the slightest bearing on her fitness to represent Massachusetts in the Senate. She is a statist who thinks that more government is what the nation needs. If you don’t agree, that’s the reason to oppose her.

George Leef — George Leef is the director of research for the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy.

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