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Endowment Activists’ Next Target: Big Oil

Liberal activists have made a big habit of divestment campaigns in recent years, calling for university endowments to divest from Israel, for instance, or from Big Tobacco. According to Danielle Charette, of Swarthmore College, campus activists have chosen a new target: Big Oil.

One such example is Unity College, which likes to call itself “America’s Environmental College.”

. . . Stephen Mulky, president of Unity, told that “the trustees have looked at the college’s finances in the context of our ethical obligation to our students, and they have chosen to make a stand.”

Mulky also declared in a campus news release that “we are running out of time. The window of opportunity for salvaging a livable planet for our children and grandchildren is rapidly closing.”

It’s unclear whether the move is simply a marketing ploy for the small school, an attempt to attract green students to the Maine campus, which currently has a $2 million endowment, very small compared to other colleges across the nation.

As they work out their “ethical obligations,” will administrators at Unity College continue to drive automobiles? Hmm.

Come to think: I wonder if the rapidly closing window Mr. Mulky talks about might simply motivate them to close down this college. Surely that would reduce the carbon footprint of everyone involved, and something tells me it wouldn’t much affect the amount of useful learning that goes on there.

Read the full story here.

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