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Green Video Games

In the past, video games promoted playing sports and fighting evil.  But now, some kids are forgoing battling the bad guys, and instead, they are fighting real evil: carbon dioxide!  According to USA Today:

In the PC strategy game Fate of the World, players try their hand at juggling sociopolitical events, energy consumption, population growth, food production and natural disasters. As the head of a fictitious world environmental organization, the goal is to improve global climate-change patterns over the next 200 years.

Sounds simple, right? But an obvious strategy to wean countries off fossil fuels, for example, can result in an outcry as the economies of some nations suffer. “The players’ exploration will be revealing to them the complexities” of climate change, says Ian Roberts, creative director of the U.K. studio Red Redemption, which created the game after finishing the Flash-based Web game Climate Challenge for the BBC in 2006.

Don’t want to play games on your PC?  Don’t worry, there’s an app for that:

In the iPhone/iPod Touch game Face the Waste, players sort trash into the correct recycling bin as villain Toxic Tim tries to thwart them.

Who needs The Onion?  The real news is more comical.

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