Not Just Academic

Academic Questions is available online through the month of November, all past and current issues, free of charge and of any promotion or entanglement whatsoever. The most current issue includes articles on how to teach popular culture by Thomas Bertonneau, why the medium is no longer the message in television by Paul Cantor, how the values promulgated by television today are superior to those on college campuses by S. T. Karnick, why Alfred Hitchcock deserves to be canonical by Michael Lewis, and how cultural studies harmed the proper study of popular culture by James Seaton. Also, an article by a pseudonymous “Great Teacher” who got great student evaluations when he set aside everything he knew about quality in teaching and just gave students what pleased them; composer Dan Asia’s thoughts on the present as a “golden age” of classical music; and a startlingly frank assessment of the emptiness of research in the social sciences today by Lawrence Mead. Some of these are already online and what isn’t will be online soon.

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