The Perils of Alcoholic Whipped Cream

Jacob Sullum delivers a stern warning:


Combining alcohol and butterfat is — in one word – crazy. Don’t do it! It has an excellent chance of hurting you, and a fairly good chance of tasting good.

The commercial products at the center of the current scandal combine highly concentrated alcohol – the equivalent of 3.8 beers in a single can – with a full day’s worth of cream and sugar. And consider how easy it would be to spray this stuff on top of coffee, thereby multiplying the hazards by adding caffeine to the mix. You will be so wired that you will continue drinking until you die of acute alcohol poisoning or crash into a telephone pole. Maybe both! It has happened! At least once! Which is one time too many!

It’s hard to imagine any argument for such products or any argument against banning them.

Combining alcohol and butterfat is, indeed, crazy. It can be lethally crazy, so it’s a mistake you may not get to make twice. Unless you’re a zombie or something.

I’m tempted to try the stuff (for research purposes!), but I’m afraid I’ll fall in love with it, only have it cruelly ripped from my hands. It’s happened before.