To Phi Beta Cons Readers:

We are sorry to inform you that Phi Beta Cons will be shutting down this week. This is the last PBC post.

National Review Online, our parent publication, is revamping its website organization, so that more material will flow directly from the homepage. 

The fluid state of web communication means that nothing is ever certain, so we accept this example of “creative destruction”—in spite of the blog’s lively history and continuing impact. It was started in March 2006 by John J. Miller, then an editor for National Review. Its knowledgeable contributors have helped make sense of the world of higher education and informed the public of the good, the bad, and the incongruous on our college campuses.

Thank you, readers, for your support. And don’t feel that the tumultuous world of higher ed is closed off to you.

And feel free to contact either of us. With your help, we can continue to improve education in this country.

George Leef and Jane S. Shaw