Prof Asks Class to Work on Liberal Project

Then, he posts the grades.

In today’s feature at The College Fix, York College student Judith Ayers reports how students in Prof. Joel Rogers’s law class were asked to go the extra mile on behalf of a private political project he leads:

Rogers offered students the chance to work for an organization he has been developing for the last several years called the American Legislative Issue Campaign Exchange (ALICE). It is intended to function as a liberal counterpart to the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The goal of ALICE is “identifying, supporting and assisting 10,000 progressive local elected officials.”

In the email to his students Rogers wrote, “[The organization] would be administered as a values-based 501(c)(3) organization, also offer model legislation, and also do so in a wide variety of areas. But it would differ in at least three ways. First, its central aim would be approximately opposite to ALEC’s, viz. to help state and local officials advance shared prosperity, sustainability, and effective democratic government (aka “high road” ways of governing ourselves and the economy). Second, it would include models of local as well as state legislation, and executive orders as well as laws. Third, at least at first, it would be limited to such model bills/orders, not other supports…”

Rogers said that although grades had not yet been posted when he sent the email, he had already finished calculating the grades, and that students’ participation in ALICE did not reflect on their grades. “I wasn’t forcing them to participate. I was presenting them with an opportunity.”

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