Republican Professors Need Not Apply, University E-mail Suggests

Today’s feature story at The College Fix, by Kate Havard of St. John’s College, tells us what we already know–there’s a whole lot of discrimination against Republicans in faculty hiring.

Only this time around, there’s some hard evidence to prove it:

“Frankly, one thing that worries me is that some people may be opposed to Teresa serving in any role, in part at least because they so despise her politics.”

Emails like this, from an Associate Dean at the University of Iowa College of Law, have produced a strong case for Teresa Wagner, a conservative Republican suing a former dean of UICL. Wagner contends that she was not granted tenure because of her political beliefs and activism.

A former professor of law at George Mason University and a lead counsel for amicus briefs to the Supreme Court, Wagner was passed over for both tenured and adjunct positions at the college several times, even though she was very qualified and came with the “highest possible” student evaluations.

Looks like the diversity hypocrites got caught with their biased pants down.

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