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Sex Week at Yale, Day 5

Last night, while I was busy at Babeland’s Lip Tricks how-to seminar, the Yale Political Union held a debate on the topic, “Resolved: Reject Hookup Culture.”
The debate was interrupted by a group of pranksters known around Yale as “The Pundits.” The Pundits suddenly began making out on the stage and in the aisles. The Yale Daily News published a photograph this morning of what looks like a girl in a bra, grinding on top of a young man, just in front of the speaker. We can safely assume, therefore, that at least some students voted “Nay” on the proposition under debate.
Today, Day 5 of Sex Week at Yale, saw the forces of nature at war in New Haven: It was sex vs. the blizzard. For a while, the blizzard appeared to be winning. A presentation on the science of sexual attraction by Andrew Trees, author of the book Decoding Love, was canceled due to inclement weather.
But Sex Week soon got back on track. The next speaker was a man who goes by the name “Flyness,” or sometimes “Your Royal Flyness,” as he informed us. Flyness is author of the book From MySpace to My Place: The Men’s Guide to Snagging Women Online. We were told that he has met more than 500 women online. He offered students tips on how to succeed in the fine art of seduction.
During the Q&A, a female student asked a question that seemed to stump His Royal Flyness: “How do we get a first date?” Within Yale’s hookup culture, she explained, getting someone to sleep with you isn’t difficult. Rather, it’s forming a meaningful relationship that many students need help in order to achieve.
Traditionally, dating comes before sex. At Yale, it’s the other way around.
Later in the evening, students participated in a special event called “Give Some, Get Some — Speed Date for Charity.” Speed dating entails the gathering of a group of students, who rotate around the room — musical-chairs style — for a series of random one- five-minute “dates.” It’s a fun way to meet new people and practice making rapid-fire decisions on matters of relational compatibility, all in succession.
Dating is dead at Yale. And random hookups now dominate romantic life. But speed dating offers students an opportunity to make up the dating deficit in a single night.

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