‘Stuff Academics Like’

Yes, I know that “stuff [fill in the blank] likes” is by now an old and tired conceit. It’s just so five minutes ago. But on the other hand, it can still be funny if it’s good, and Stuff Academics Like is good (h/t Inside Higher Ed). Unlike other similarly themed blogs, this one rests primarily on quoting academics themselves — such as posting paper titles. Here’s a post called “The Guessing Game:”

Only one [title] is fake this time. Guesses welcome, and enjoy:

Exemplarity — The Real: Some Problems of a Realist Exemplarity Exposed through the Channel of an Aesthetic Autopoeisis [conference paper]

Tragic Closure: A Genealogy of Creative-Destructive Desire [conference paper]

The True History of His Beard: Joaquin Phoenix and the Boundaries of Cinéma Vérité [conference paper]

Trying the Law: Critical Prosecutions of the Exception [conference paper]

Thinking the Pure Unformed [conference paper]

Alan Ball’s True Blood Antics: Queering the Southern Vampire [conference paper]

Antagonistic Corpo-Real-ities [conference paper]

The Constraint is the Possibility: On the Constitutive Role of Negation in the Emergence of Subjectivity and Objectivity [conference paper]

Turtle Times: The Cross-Generational Cult Text of Turtles Forever and Gendered Readings [conference paper]

Deleuze’s Time-Image and the Death Drive [conference paper]

Neither Form nor Genesis: The Time of the Dice Throw in After Finitude [conference paper]

Guattari and the Onomatopoeic Imperative: Decentering the Archaeologies of the Speech-Act [lecture]

Forlorn Particulars: Adorno and Junk [conference paper]

Absolute Exemplarity: Passages of the Sublime [lecture]

The Dies Irae in Nineteenth Century Symphonic Repertoire: Horror on the Concert Stage [conference paper]

Binary Poetics and Ecology in Battlestar Galactica [conference paper]

The Support Belt Fetish: An Example of Psychoanalysis [conference paper]

Doubtful Experts: Logics of Integration and the Embodiment of Tibetan Medical Knowledge [conference paper]

The Subterranean Current of Contemporary Feuerbachianism [conference paper]

Descartes’ Literary Philosophy – Mallarmé’s Philosophical Poesis: Igitur Resurrects the Cogito [conference paper]

Hilarious. But I do want to read the paper about Battlestar Galactica. I hope that one’s not fake.

David French — David French is a senior writer for National Review, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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