War on Men

Every time I hear of this supposed war on women, I want to laugh. If there is any war today, it is on men. If the articles and books proclaiming the demise and uselessness of the male sex don’t convince you, any two or three hours of television watching should make it quite clear. Various dramatic shows present improbably strong powerful women, and men who are either villainous or weak or both. Sitcoms just glory in the relish of putting men down. Even commercials go out of their way to show men as pathetic creatures needing instruction from women and, sometimes, from a minority male, the one masculine type allowed valorization at times. Education has been feminized in a way to allow girls and women to shine while boys and men languish, and it could be argued that the society-sanctioned rise of single motherhood hurts boys more than it does girls, who flourish after a fashion in the quasi-matriarchal structure.    

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