BP’s Orwellian Deepwater Drilling

Via a BP press release:

Today BP announced that on June 3, 2012 it began the initial start-up of the Galapagos development in the deepwater U.S. Gulf of Mexico, one of a series of new major upstream projects that the company expects to bring into production this year.

“The start-up of this project in the Gulf of Mexico is one of BP’s key operational milestones for 2012, one of six high-margin projects we expect to come on stream this year,” said Bob Dudley, BP group chief executive. “I expect that the operational progress we are now making will deliver increasing financial momentum for BP as we move into 2013 and 2014.”


The Galapagos development includes three deepwater fields and increases the capability of a key offshore production hub for BP. The fields — Isabela, Santiago and Santa Cruz — are being produced using subsea equipment on the floor of the Gulf. A new production flowline loop has been added to carry output to the nearby Na Kika host facility, a BP-operated platform located roughly 140 miles southeast of New Orleans in 6,500 feet of water.

I’m certainly not against drilling, but “Galapagos” seems like a stupid name for a drilling project. Does BP really think that by naming their project after an environmentally sensitive area (made famous by Charles Darwin) that people will think that what they’re doing is somehow more green? I hope BP suits are more evolved than that.

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