El Rushbo Weighs in on Solyndra

 . . . with some welcome references to NRO’s coverage.

On today’s Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush discussed the Solyndra scandal (and quoted National Review Online’s own Greg Pollowitz:

Remember the excuse was, “Well, we can’t compete with the ChiComs.” You can’t compete with the ChiComs even with 523 million federal dollars in loan guarantees? Well, there’s a tweet here from a guy named Greg Pollowitz. He says, “The next thing to watch in the Solyndra story is an examination of company’s announced sales. I would guess the contracts were all fluff, nothing real, no income.” Well, this is of course my point, and of course there wasn’t any income.

Rush also mentioned Jim Geraghty:

Now, Jim Geraghty at National Review Online has put together a little sample of news. He’s compiled here some of the ways this has been treated, and there’s an interesting thing here.  I’m not gonna read the stories to you.  What this illustrates, Obama and his people are completely clueless when it comes to business, but, folks, I honestly think that they are also clueless yet filled with rage, resentment and envy over people who have money.  Now, the Obama people have no experience in business.  There’s nobody in his administration that’s ever worked in the private sector on his economic team, for example.  They only know politics and theory in the faculty lounge.  

And on his homepage, Rush links to Andrew Stiles’s piece on Solyndra.

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