Fact-Challenged Biden

Detroit — ”I mean, it’s just kind of amazing, it sort of came upon them (the GOP) in the night — the plight of the middle class,” said Biden. “Well, what you didn’t hear (Romney talk about at the GOP Convention) was his position to, quote, let Detroit go bankrupt.” And what you didn’t hear Biden talk about was that the Obama administration let Detroit go bankrupt.

Facts are stubborn things.

But just days after the Obamedia bird-dogged every utterance out of the mouths of the Romney-Ryan ticket, the Fact Check Police went silent on Labor Day as Obama-Biden teed up the auto bailout as a major theme for this week’s Democratic Convention.

The fact that Obama took GM and Chrysler into Chapter 363 bankruptcy (a filing panned by legal experts but that best suited an administration that wanted to rig the process for Big Labor) — as opposed to the Chapter 11 managed bankruptcy that Mitt Romney proposed — went unmentioned in press pool reports from AP, The Detroit Free Press, and other outlets.

That wasn’t the only miscue. While AP scoured GOP veep nominee Paul Ryan’s text in detail, it ignored Biden’s sweeping half-truths. Biden claims that the UAW labor union — heavily represented at his Detroit speech — is ” the reason that the automobile industry is back.” In truth, most industry economists agree that it was Big Labor costs that drove GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy — and that the Detroit Two are still at a wage disadvantage after they took cuts in the Chapter 363 process. Biden’s middle class comment also suggests that that his administration saved industry jobs when, in fact, analysts estimate that some 100,000 dealership jobs (in addition to tens of thousands of manufacturing jobs) were lost in the Detroit companies’ government restructuring. This is particularly relevant given the Obama-Biden campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital for cutting jobs at troubled companies.

Furthermore, White House special treatment of UAW Delphi pensions was not extended to middle-class Delphi white collar workers who lost between 30-70 percent of their pensions in the White House-led reorganization. It is a scandal that is still playing out in Congressional findings.

In touting the administration’s UAW Bailout in Toledo Monday, the AP also let slide a whopper by Obama on Romney’s tax-cut plan.

“Turning to Romney’s weekend football metaphor, Obama offered a lengthy sports-infused rebuttal, telling the union workers that on first down, Romney would hike taxes by nearly $2,000 on an average family with children. ‘Sounds like unnecessary roughness to me,’ Obama said.”

In fact, Romney proposes tax cuts of 10 percent for all income brackets. The $2000 is made up out of whole cloth by the Tax Policy Center, a liberal think tank.

In Detroit, Biden took issue with GOP claims that Americans are worse off than four years ago. “If It weren’t so hot I’d go into detail,” he said avoiding today’s higher unemployment and deficit numbers. Lucky for Joe, the Fact Check Police took a Labor Day holiday.

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