The Green Left’s Ten Thousand Commandments

The Religious Right is in your bedroom. And the Green Left is in every other room in your house.

If Bible-thumping busybodies want to govern your sex life, then the Goracle’s disciples want to dictate what light bulbs to use in the living room, what foods you eat in the kitchen, what toilets you flush in the bathroom, what washers and detergents you use in the laundry room, and what car you park in the garage.

Incredibly, the House of Representatives went on the record Tuesday night to ban the light bulbs that 85 percent of Americans choose to use in their homes. We’re not making this up.

Under the hurried conditions under which the Better Use of Light Bulbs (BULB) Act (intended to repeal a sneaky provision of the 2007 Energy Bill) was brought to the House floor, it had to garner 290 votes — a two-thirds majority — to pass. But, largely upon party lines, it passed by only 233-193.

It may be a vote that Democrats — in this tea party era — will live to regret.

Indeed, the movement to repeal the bulb ban marks a watershed in Washington’s relentless effort to impose standards on every aspect of your life. The BULB vote has shone a light on the shadowy plot to remake America to conform with Democrats’ austere Green religion.

“The vote is disappointing because only five Democrats voted for repealing the ban,” says Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute who organized a national petition to save the bulb. “However, a clear majority in the House support the bill. So the next step will be to bring the bill back under regular rules requiring a majority or add as an amendment to another bill.”

As if on cue, Michigan Representative and Energy Committee Chairman Fred Upton says it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

Read more at The Michigan View here.

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