High Speed Fail in China, Cont.

Here’s a great BBC piece about that super-duper high-speed rail service that Tom Friedman is always writing about in China:

China’s Communist Party has expelled a once-powerful former railways minister accused of serious corruption, state-run media report.

Liu Zhijun is under investigation for embezzling more than $120m (£76.52m) while overseeing China’s high-speed rail network, Xinhua says.

He was dismissed from his post last year and will now face a judicial investigation.

A fatal collision of high speed trains last July caused a national outcry.

Mr Liu began his tenure as railways minister in 2003 and led a multi-billion dollar investment programme in the country’s rail network.

He has been accused of taking massive bribes when handing out contracts for China’s high-speed rail link project.

The rest here.