Oops: Multiple Media Outlets Fooled by Fake Shell Oil Video

Gawker reports on a fake video from an alleged party of Shell employees making the rounds:

If this video of a PR disaster at a private party hosted by Shell Oil atop of Seattle’s Space Needle last night seems too good to be true, that’s because it is. The video is a hoax, but a very good one!

The story went that this video was shot by an Occupy Wall street protester named Logan Price who infiltrated a private party called “New Frontiers” thrown by Shell to celebrate the impending expansion owaf offshore drilling operations into the Arctic. Shell set up a replica of the Kulluk oil rig that would be doing the drilling and invited the widow of the man who designed the rig to symbolically “tap the arctic” and fill her glass with liquor poured from the top of the model rig. But, whoops, the pump malfunctioned and spewed all over her. Now that’s symbolism!

“if Shell can’t even handle a three-foot replica of a rig that pumps booze, how is the company going to fare in the Arctic deep?” laughed Tree hugger. The story was also picked up by the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Gothamist and our Geeky cousins at Gizmodo.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is an elaborate fake. The event was ostensibly organized by the communications firm Wainwright & Shore, according to the “New Frontiers” page on Eventbrite. There’s a fancy invitation, which looks legit. But a note at the bottom thanks the Joint Pacific Energy Leadership Council, which, according to Google, does not exist outside of this event.

And here’s a quick screen shot of Google News to see how got fooled:

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