The Un-Settled Science of the Latest IPCC Report

From the Guardian:

IPCC climate report: last-minute Stockholm talks make slow progress

Climate scientists wrangle over crucial projections on likely effects of global warming just hours before report’s deadline

Fraught negotiations over a landmark review of the world’s knowledge of climate change were making slow progress on Thursday with just hours to go before early Friday’s deadline.

The negotiations are likely to go on through the night, as countries and scientists wrangle over how to assess the global threat from greenhouse gas emissions.

At stake are projections – such as those of future temperature increases, sea level rises and the frequency of extreme weather – that will inform and guide government policies around the world for years to come.

But people involved with the talks told the Guardian that progress had been patchy and slow as delegates debate the precise wording of the 50-plus page summary.

The details are crucial, because this report is the first for nearly seven years and will be used as the ultimate authority on climate science, which will in turn guide critical negotiations on emissions policy.

We shall see what the final document from the IPCC looks like. The rest here.

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