Update: Sandy Destroyed $30M of Fisker Electric Cars

And Fisker denies it’s design was at fault for the cars that caught fire:

. . .[Fisker] said it has concluded–after “a thorough investigation witnessed by NHTSA representatives”–that the cause was residual salt damage inside a Vehicle Control Unit submerged in seawater for several hours.

Corrosion from the salt caused a short circuit in the unit, which led to a fire when the Karma’s 12-Volt battery fed power into the circuit.

Heavy winds then spread that fire to other Karmas parked nearby. But, the factory said, there were no explosions, as had been incorrectly reported.

The company ruled out the cars’ 20-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery packs as a cause of, or even a contributing factor to, the blaze.

(That battery pack was the subject of a Fisker recall earlier this year, when now-bankrupt battery maker A123 Systems said its Michigan plant had produced defective cells.)

Fisker called the control unit “a standard component found in many types of vehicles,” and noted that several other “non-hybrid cars from a variety of manufacturers” caught fire in separate incidents after the flood waters receded.

Thousands of vehicles from many different makers were destroyed by the flooding at the huge vehicle-handling facility, which left cars submerged in 5 to 8 feet of salty water for several hours.

I guess this is good news?

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