What UAW Workers Drive When Drinkin’ and Smokin’ Dope

Detroit — There’s no party like a Dee-troit party, and the UAW hooch n’ weed break at the Detroit Chrysler plant — the very plant President Obama visited just two months ago — is the talk of the town. Yes, your tax dollars at work.

But what might really get the attention of Washington’s green prudes are the vehicles “America’s endangered middle-class” is driving in the video. Big Dodge pickups, V-8 Mustangs, Jeep SUVs. Washington likes to think it saved Chrysler’s middle-income earners so that they would buy new fuel-efficient Fiat 500s.

But $80 grand-a-year UAW workers — like the rest of America’s middle class — likes big sedans and SUVs. Which is why the plant Obama saved is not only producing weed-tokin’ union workers — but also lots of best-sellin’, money-makin’, gas-guzzlin’ Jeep Cherokees.

Scandalous, ain’t it?

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