Did Duke’s Cameron Crazies Cross the Line?

There’s a reason people hate Duke basketball, and it’s not jealousy of their successful squeaky-clean program:

Though Thursday night’s showdown between Duke and NC State should have been defined by the tremendous offensive performances given by both teams (Lord knows college basketball could use the pub), it was a second half cheer from the Cameron Crazies that wound up being all anyone could talk about.

Thanks to the magic of Twitter, word quickly spread after the game (which was not nationally televised) that the Duke student section had chanted “how’s your grandma” at NC State guard Tyler Lewis while he shot free-throws during the second half. Lewis’ grandmother died last week.

On his Facebook pageJustified’s Nick Searcy shares a similar anecdote from his time at UNC :

“When I was at Carolina, one of our players lost his mother and his father in a horrible shotgun murder/suicide. Duke fans, at the next game he played against them, chanted ‘How’s the Family?’”

Stay classy, Crazies.