Jerry Jones Seeks Return to ‘Glory Hole’ Days

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits he is seeking “glory hole” days for his franchise, which last made the playoffs in 2009 and has won only two playoff games since its triumph over Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XXX to close the 1995 season.

Jones was offering praise to veteran tight end Jason Witten for saying the Cowboys cannot settle for “the same old story” again in 2012. Jones declared it good for younger players to hear such perspective from a player who has “been outstanding” but has “not gotten the brass ring.”

Jones said Witten’s comments also motivate him. From there, he proceeded to launch into the mostmemorable comment of today’s opening news conference about the Cowboys seeking a return to their “glory hole” days of yesteryear.

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