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Michael Jordan’s Son Arrested

Los Angeles Times:

Central Florida senior guard Marcus Jordan, a 21-year-old son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, was arrested outside a hotel in Omaha early Sunday morning.

Jordan was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and obstructing officers, according to a news release. Police responding to a call at the Embassy Suites found hotel security trying to subdue Marcus Jordan, who was having an argument with two women in the hotel driveway at 2:11 a.m.

The release stated Jordan was “very animated, intoxicated and uncooperative,” and it took multiple officers to control and handcuff him.

Jordan was booked at the Douglas County Department of Corrections. He had been released by Sunday night.

The Central Florida athletics department released a statement about Jordan that read, “After gathering all of the facts, we will deal with this situation in an appropriate manner.”

Jordan, a senior, averaged 13.7 points a game last season.

His status with the team has been in flux. Jordan opted not to enroll in Central Florida summer classes and did not attend option workouts with his teammates. He was debating whether to return for his senior season or pursue business opportunities and the possibility of playing overseas.

Once incoming freshman point guard Daiquan Walker enrolled in classes this summer, Jordan was expected to move from scholarship to walk-on status to make room for the newcomer. Walker’s signing prompted more questions about Jordan’s future with Central Florida, but the school insisted he remains a member of the basketball program.

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