Never Mind the Slider or Sinking Fastball, The F-Word is Carp’s Best Friend

From the sixth inning of last night’s game, Mike Napoli hit a Chris Carpenter offering some 400 feet to center field for a long out to end a Rangers threat. In response, Carp let the obscenities fly.

Grantland’s Jonah Keri comments:

Carpenter may have been yelling at Napoli. As he described the tail end of the digestion process, he looked Napoli’s way. On the other hand, Ken Rosenthal claimed Carpenter was merely screaming at himself, as evidenced by his tirade continuing into the dugout, with more curse words and a chucked glove. Either way, broadcast gold. Though not as good as the commercial that immediately followed on the local Fox New England affiliate. After the game, we were told Fox would have exclusive coverage of one of their reporters watching the game with Carpenter’s parents in New Hampshire. Awkwaaaard.