Pujols Tries Sesame Street Softball

David Brown of Big League Stew thinks that “Athlete Grover” got the best of Albert Pujols in a recent exchange on Sesame Street:

Pujols does deliver some great lines, not because they were brilliantly written or because he can perform them, but instead because they were simply written and he cannot really execute them. The best: “Yes, I train to play baseball and I’m good at baseball.” If Pujols allows the other Los Angeles Angels to make fun of him (it’s doubtful) he’s never going to hear the end of it. Pujols didn’t even seem to easily catch a ball lobbed to him. Before our eyes, Albert turns into Elmo — a quivering, frazzled waste of red fur.

Oof. Tough crowd.

See for yourself:

Halo fans ought to hope that Albert will be far more capable of handling 95-MPH fastballs this season than Sesame Street softballs.

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