Re: Red Sox Start Year 0–4

Funny, Greg! Yeah, it’s amusing to imagine the panic that has gripped more than a few New England households over four whole games — well, five, for those convinced that the Indians batters will tee off on Dice-K this evening — but Howard Megdal advises these folks to relax:

A four-game losing streak could even be taken as an omen for the Red Sox. In 2007, Boston’s last World Series victory, the team had three such losing streaks. In 2004, the Red Sox lost five straight to start the month of May, then another four straight from May 31 through June 4. (They also lost three in a row to begin the ALCS against the Yankees.)

Alternatively, Red Sox fans getting grief from pinstriped friends should feel free to inquire about Derek Jeter’s batting line after five games (.167/.273/.167, 22 OPS+), then ask how meaningful they find the Captain’s pathetic numbers. (Come to think of it, I suspect that Boston has a better chance of reaching the postseason than Jeter hitting .300.)