Reveille 2/25/13

Good morning.

Here are several links from the past week that will make the final Monday of Febr-r-ruary a bit more bearable:

  • The Los Angeles Times’ Bill Shaikin cites a source revealing that MLB has sketched out “tentative guidelines for a potential move to San Jose [for the A’s].”

  • Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue goes into the wayback machine to discover a Bartman-esque play from perhaps the most memorable regular-season game from 1984.

  • Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe chatted with Pedro Martinez and discovered that few pitches got away from the future Hall of Fame pitcher:

How many players did Pedro hit on purpose? “Probably 90 percent of them. But it was always retaliation for my teammates.”

Even Karim Garcia [in 2003?] “Not on purpose. It didn’t even hit him, it hit the bat. Lucky bastard.”

Gerald Williams? “Not on purpose. Gerald Williams? No. Karim Garcia? No. Some others, I don’t know. There are some that were in retaliation. Some of them to show them that some things I wouldn’t allow them to do. But a lot of them, you play around it. They understand it too. They know that they’re going to get hit for something that happened. If you disrespect a player, if you disrespect me.”

By night, in the offseason, he is Mazr the deejay, standing in front of the microphones in the clubs of Seattle. Come baseball season, he is Trevor May, pitching prospect extraordinaire for the Minnesota Twins. He is a hard-throwing right-hander who walks to the mound with just one intention: strike out the hitter . . . .

It’s a hobby that emanated from offseason boredom.

“I play electronic music, house,” he said. “I’ve always really liked house. We get bored at the end of the season. I saw a little toy, a turntable thing. I mess around with it. In the offseason, you have so much free time. I got more and more into it, and I met some guys in Philly who taught me some stuff.”

  • Bleacher Report’s Will Caroll explains what we may see from Stephen Strasburg in 2013 in terms of effectiveness, endurance, and injury risk.

  • The pitching term “makeup” gets tossed about pretty liberally, so Bryan Grosnick of Beyond the Boxscore attempts to nail down what it really means and how it should be applied.

  • Steve Garvey was diagnosed with prostate cancer last fall. In a statement, the former Dodger great says, “I decided on a radical prostectomy operation at UCLA, and through God’s grace it went well.”

That’s it. Have a walk-off week!