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Reveille 6/25/12

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Here are several go-to links to make your Monday a bit more bearable:

DL: Is it the biggest game you ever pitched?

Lowe: No doubt, but I also look back at Game 4 as being pretty gratifying. I knew that it was going to be my last year [with the Red Sox]. I was the last guy to make the team when we put together the playoff roster; I was the 11th guy on the staff. We were down 3–0 and had just gotten blown out in Game 3. I had an opportunity to pitch, and I kept us in the game. But Game 7 was obviously bigger.

DL: Did pitching on two days of rest help your sinker?

Lowe: I don’t believe in that. I would much rather pitch at full strength. You still need your legs under you, and you still need your arm in the right arm slot. If you get too tired, your ball doesn’t move anymore. I promise you. They should do that on the show Myth Busters, because it’s not true.

DL: What else is notable about Game 7?

Lowe: My shoes didn’t make it. My game shoes didn’t make it to Game 7. I’m not blaming the people in New York, but they had a tendency to lose stuff at the wrong time. I got to the game and I had zero shoes. Zero.

They went to Sports Authority and all they had were Reeboks with no toe on them. I wear Nike. If you look at the tape, you’ll see that my shoes were completely black, because I wasn’t supposed to wear anything besides Nike. I pitched Game 7 wearing off-the-shelf Sports Authority shoes. And I won.

  • Via Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post, Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen offers up a recommendation for handling a blowout loss: “Seven Presidentes and a sleeping pill and be ready for the job tomorrow.” And according to the Associated Press, Ozzie made clear that he is no fan of the psychiatric profession.

  • The Nationals are thrilled to have Gio Gonzalez in the starting rotation but the A’s, who traded the southpaw to Washington during the offseason, seem quite content with the players they received in return, including catcher Derek Norris, whose first big-league home run was a three-run walk-off against their cross-bay rivals, the Giants.

That’s it. Have a walk-off week!

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