Rutgers’ Basketball Coach Abuses His Players

There’s isn’t much more to add to this video (courtesy of ESPN) of Rutgers coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players:

Of course, no one is shocked that a coach uses obscenities directed at his players. After Tyler Clementi’s suicide, though, it’s jarring to hear a coach — a Rutgers coach — call one of his players a “faggot.” There’s a time and a place for yelling and screaming. It’s unlikely, though, that Rice deployed his obscenities strategically to maximize his players’ intensity and readiness to play.

Bobby Knight was one of the all-time great college coaches when it came to winning games. But he too was abusive toward his players, and he ultimately got fired for violent behavior against them. Here’s a news flash: Mike Rice is no Bobby Knight, and Rutgers basketball is no Indiana. Some argue that Indiana should have fired Knight long before they finally did. I say Rutgers should fire Mike Rice today. 

For more information about the story, read here and here

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