Democrats Sell Holiday Mug With Misspelled Word

In yesterday’s Morning Jolt, we looked at the gift options from There’s a terrific new wrinkle to one gift . . . 

Merry Christmas Happy Generic Late-December Holidays from the DNC!

Getting down to the wire for Christmas shopping! Let’s check out the DNC’s store to see what they’re offering as last-minute gift ideas . . . 

A mug that says “Happy Holidays” and offers greetings in many languages, but not “Merry Christmas.” Perfect for that decorated veteran of the War on Christmas!

German-speaking Morning Jolt reader Dieter notes the Democratic merchandisers “couldn’t even spell ‘Frohe Feiertage’ in German correctly. Seriously? They misspelled it ‘Forhe’.” Clearly a continuation of the “judge us by our good intentions, not our bad results” philosophy that brought us Obamacare.

Other gifts available from the Democrats:

A “Speaker Pelosi” magnet pin. What, are these left over from 2010? $1.99. If you find one of these in your stockings, it is a sign Santa just didn’t give a damn this year.

“I heart Obamacare” sweatshirts. Can’t believe they didn’t sell out!

You love equality, but not capitalization.

For $49.95, you can buy a framed photo of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi at the signing ceremony for Obamacare:

You know, the National Republican Senatorial Committee might buy one; they’ll be using that image in their ads over and over again in the coming year . . . 

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