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As the Frontrunners Raise Money, Richardson Visits New Hampshire, and an Odd Issue Emerges

Hillary’s raising money in South Florida; Obama’s raising money in Hollywood.
An old boss of mine followed New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to New Hampshire, and says the reception was polite, but with tough questions, from what is descibed as good-sized crowds:

Noting how Richardson has at times described himself as a conservative, a progressive and a moderate Democrat, Arnie Arnesen, the host of a local public access cable TV show, asked him: “It’s 2007. What the heck are you now?”
“I’m a New Progressive,” Richardson said, without quite explaining what that meant.
For the next 20 minutes, Arnesen dared Richardson to get more specific in his answers; challenged his gilded portrayal of his record as governor in New Mexico; and grilled him about taxes, health care, immigration, nuclear energy and foreign policy…
“I’m still working on my shtick,” Richardson said a few moments later. “I’m not perfect. I’ll make mistakes.”

As a sign of how… bizarre this Democratic primary is getting (and it’s still early!) the latest dust-up between Obama and Hillary surrounds David Geffen’s fury over Bill Clinton’s failure to pardon Leonard Peltier.
If you had asked me to list 500 major issues facing the next president, that would not have made my list.

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