Mitch Daniels: ‘All claims made for Obamacare were false.’

In other Indiana news, Gov. Mitch Daniels takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to lay out how the states could enact genuinely helpful heath-care reform if Obamacare is neither repealed nor ruled unconstitutional.

Lest anyone suggest this line of thinking represents an acquiescence to the permanence of Obamacare, Daniels makes his views on the law pretty clear:

Unless you’re in favor of a fully nationalized health-care system, the president’s health-care reform law is a massive mistake. It will amplify all the big drivers of overconsumption and excessive pricing: “Why not, it’s free?” reimbursement; “The more I do, the more I get” provider payment; and all the defensive medicine the trial bar’s ingenuity can generate.

All claims made for it were false. It will add trillions to the federal deficit. It will lead to a de facto government takeover of health care faster than most people realize, and as millions of Americans are added to the Medicaid rolls and millions more employees (including, watch for this, workers of bankrupt state governments) are dumped into the new exchanges.

Daniels’s list of fixes includes state flexibility to decide which insurers can operate in their state, the waiving of benefit mandates, removal of portions that discriminate against health savings plans, state freedom to use new approaches to Medicare, independent audits of reimbursement rates, and more realistic projections of how many Americans will end up in state-operated “exchanges.” He has written to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius with this proposal, and 20 other states have joined Indiana in signing the same letter.

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