Perhaps She Was Just Recommending an Exercise Program

In today’s Morning Jolt, more of “Migraine-gate” — “Migrate”? — the relentless need to view superhero movies through the lens of modern politics, and some interesting omens from the world of Perry:

The Most Exciting Woman Named Perry Since Katy

For much of Thursday, the top headline was, “RICK PERRY’S WIFE: RUN!”

Run . . . where? From what? Does she see a tornado?

But apparently it was an instruction aimed at her husband: “Gov. Rick Perry will need money, organization, staff and stamina if he runs for president. But he appears to already have the support that’s most important for the race — his wife’s. Following a brief meeting on state finances Tuesday, Perry talked expansively for the first time on what his wife, Anita, has been telling him about a White House run. ‘My wife was talking to me and saying: “Listen . . . get out of your comfort zone. Yeah, being governor of Texas is a great job, but sometimes you’re called to step into the fray,”’ the governor said.

“As an experienced political wife, Anita Perry has been stepping into the fray with her husband since he ran for the Texas House in 1984. Holding a master’s degree in nursing, she worked as a nurse for 17 years. Perry said his wife is worried how the new health care law will affect health care. The concern about such issues as health care and federal debt, he said, spurred him into thinking about the White House.”

A former nurse who can go out on the trail and lay out the flaws of Obamacare? You’re a lucky man, governor. To offer a bit of advice I’d give to any husband, listen to your wife. Anita Perry, you need a Perry, and we all need a Perry.

At Pajamas Media, Bryan Preston sees big things on the horizon: “Perry has the organization. His team shellacked the Texas Democrats’ great White hope last year and has for the most part remained intact since then . . . The question now comes down to money, I think. Team Perry is weighing whether or not they can raise the money it will take first to compete with and defeat Romney, and then of course Obama. There are meetings in Austin this week and more planned to map out the money situation. Perry has the all clear from the most important person in his life to make the run. If the money is there, and I’m fairly sure that they’re finding out that it is there, Rick Perry is running for president.”

And now Perry’s meeting with various prominent conservatives, Doug Feith and William Luti, and his folks are talking to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.  Andy McCarthy offers this short account: “As Katrina has reported, I did indeed travel to Austin last week to meet with Governor Rick Perry. There was a small group of us former government official types, and we talked about a variety of national security issues. The Governor is a very impressive guy. I admire him, and I hope I was of whatever help he thought I could be in thinking through the challenges we face. It’s a very good thing for the country when people weighing decisions as important as whether to run for president tap into the relevant experience of current and former officials . . . if Gov. Perry decides to run, he will be a very strong candidate in a field that includes a number of very strong candidates — good news for those of us who believe it is imperative that the incumbent be defeated.”

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