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Rudy Points To Tough-on-Illegals Stance, Dating to When He Had a Full Head of Hair

I can’t help but wonder if this message-of-the-day from the Rudy camp at least partially reflects more-or-less single-issue candidate Tom Tancredo getting a decent showing in Ames. In essence, thirteen percent of Ames straw poll attendees said, “I’ll vote for a candidate with almost no support in the national polls in order to send a message about my anger and concern over illegal immigration.”

Team Rudy is spotlighting that their man was tough on border security not just before the most recent Kennedy deal, but before the 1986 deal:

Giuliani: “As you know, for too long those in positions of leadership in the Department have ignored the immigration area – policy, law and budget.  Reversing this lack of emphasis and tackling problems long neglected are necessary …” (Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, Letter To Nina Rao Cameron, INS District Counsel, 11/3/81)
In July 1982, Giuliani’s Office Commissioned A Report Of INS Headquarters In Order To Review Productivity And Efficiency Of The Agency. (Renee Szybala, Memo To Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, 7/9/82)
In 1982, Giuliani Argued That The Federal Government Should Focus On Improved Border Security And Potentially Criminal Illegal Immigrants.  GIULIANI: “And in a situation where we have enormous ongoing immigration problems, wouldn’t that be a terrible waste of our resources and a diversion from the kinds of things that the President has been doing and the Attorney General has been doing over the last six or seven months that have begun to restore control of our borders.” NEWSCASTER: “Giuliani says the Administration stands behind its policy of deterring those who come to the United States illegally by holding illegals in detention camps, increasing border controls, and implying sanctions against employers who hire illegal aliens.” (Miami’s Channel 10 News, 2/25/82)
Giuliani: “In The Last Decade, Our Policies Intended To Make Immigration Fair And Orderly Have Failed.  We Truly Have Lost Control Of Our Borders .” (Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, Remarks To Seventh Annual Baron De Hirsh Meyer Lecture Series, Miami, FL, 4/16/82)
Giuliani Noted It Was Lax Enforcement Of Immigration Laws That Led To An Uncontrolled Border And The Illegal Immigration Crisis.  Giuliani: “This country has neglected to enforce our immigration laws.  As a result, we have lost control of our borders.  This Administration is committed to enforce its laws – firmly and fairly – so that all people who choose to come here, from whatever nation, will do so in accordance with our laws.” (Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, Statement, 6/14/82)

 Hmmm. Emphasizing a consistent record going back decades… that wouldn’t be an effort to draw a contrast with a rival accused of being a johnny-come-lately on the issue, would it?
Rudolph Giuliani in 1981, as an associate attorney general. 

 Rudy: Calling for tougher border security, back when he had 80s hair.

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