Senate Democrats, Obediently Toeing the White House Line

From the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt:

Senate Democrats More Likely to Nod Approvingly at Obama’s Proposals Than a Collection of Bobblehead Dolls

The NRSC is chuckling:

Last week, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) sent out a press release with a peculiar new message: “At a time when all voters are sick of Washington partisanship, independence and willingness to put the state ahead of national party are among the most important attributes for successful candidate,” they wrote.

While this is one instance where we agree with their assessment, it’s an extremely harmful message for Democratic Senatorial candidates who have consistently championed President Obama’s agenda for the last five years. As you may have seen, new percentages released today illustrate that Democratic Senatorial candidates have done just the opposite.

For example, the Congressional Quarterly (CQ)/Roll Call, shows that Hagan voted with President Obama 96% of the time in 2013, despite the fact that a majority of voters disapprove of him in North Carolina. In fact, President Obama’s approval rating is struggling to top 40% in North Carolina according to recent polls. That doesn’t sound like the “independence” that the national Democrats say makes a successful candidate.

Additionally, these Democrats are a part of the most partisan caucus in recorded history. According to CQ, Senate Democrats voted unanimously on 52% of the party unity votes in 2013 — an all-time high for either party in either chamber, up from 40% in 2012.

So, let’s see how often those Red State Senate Democrats voted with the President’s position, shall we?

Presidential support level for Mark Pryor, Arkansas? 90 percent!

Mark Begich of Alaska? 97 percent!

Mary Landrieu of Louisiana? 97 percent as well!

Mark Udall of Colorado? 99 percent!

Jean Shaheen of New Hampshire? 99 percent!

Al Franken? A perfect 100 percent!

For perspective, even Harry Reid only voted with Obama’s position 90 percent of the time.

Alleged independent-minded Mark Warner of Virginia? 97 percent. Heck, even Bernie Sanders of Vermont only hit 94 percent!

There are clones that show more independence than this crop of Senate Democrats.

Exhibit A.

You can find the whole list for Congress here.

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