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Stephanie Cutter, Bad Liar

Campaigns accuse each other of lying all the time. But every once in a while, someone on a campaign gets caught in one so glaring, it breaks through the noise.

Stephanie Cutter, this morning, when asked about the PrioritiesUSA ad featuring former steelworker Joe Soptic, suggesting that Mitt Romney is responsible for his wife’s death: “I don’t know the facts of when Joe Soptic’s wife got sick, or when she died.”

Joe Soptic, appearing on an Obama campaign conference recall, discussing his loss of his job and his wife’s diagnosis and death, May 14, 2012: “Now I’ll turn the call back over to Stephanie.”

Stephanie Cutter: “Thank you, Joe. We really appreciate you sharing your experiences.”

Of course, this is the same deputy campaign manager who claimed to not know whether a national party, with $24 million in the bank, would allocate money to unseat a Republican governor in a swing state five months before Election Day.

And the same woman who dismissed a  New York Times poll by declaring, “They sampled a biased sample, so they re-biased the same sample.”

Strategic amnesia and incoherence: catch the fever!

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