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What America Thinks of Mike Huckabee So Far

Gallup offers the results of their open-ended poll question, asking folks what comes to their mind when they hear the name “Mike Huckabee.” Among those who have heard of him, it’s mostly good stuff. But 57 percent said they don’t know enough to have an opinion, and another 8 percent said “no opinion.” The poll was conducted Nov 26-29.

Like him/favorable toward him 6 percent

Good prospect/rising star/becoming popular 4 percent

Christian values/good morals/religious 3 percent

Down to earth/nice guy 3 percent

Conservative 3 percent

Honest 2 percent

Don’t like him 2 percent

Agree with his views 1 percent

Former Arkansas governor/was a good governor 1 percent

Unlikely to win 1 percent

Too religious/religious fanatic 1 percent

Health conscious/has lost a lot of weight 1 percent

A Republican 1 percent

Amusing/funny/entertaining 1 percent

Chuck Norris endorsement/commercial 1 percent

Wouldn’t vote for him/not my party *

Taxes/raised taxes *


Other 7

Nothing/not familiar with (vol.) 57

No opinion 8

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