The Latest Email Spam from @BarackObama

[GP]: Anyone else getting these emails? It looks like @BarackObama — not the president, but the shadowy 501(c)(4) — is allowing its email list to be used by his “grassroots” supporters to fundraise for their own pet projects. In this case, I’m being asked to donate for “children sick of canser” [sic].

However, fundraising isn’t going so well. . .

And this is at least the second email I’ve gotten from this Obamaton. 

Personally, I hope team @BarackObama continues doing this because the more OFA dilutes the president’s brand, the better it is for conservatives.

Exit question: Why are Obama supporters — who make up the vast number in the OFA database — refusing to help children with “canser?” I guess they’re waiting for Obamacare to pick up the slack.

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