‘Reverse Mentors’ Assist in Workforce Return

I just may have to get me one of these as I struggle here at home with all the new media being used. Dawn Siff writes about the need for a younger, tech-savvy mentor upon returning to the workforce:

As I made my way back into the world of media, I saw a chasm between the management and journalistic skills I’d developed before leaving the workforce and the evolving digital world. I wanted to be part of what was new and next. 

It was clearly time for me to seek out a mentor. I checked in with more senior women who had crashed through professional ceilings. They had advice on leadership quandaries and on striking that elusive work/family balance. But I observed that many struggled to find their own digital footing. What I needed was someone like the fresh-faced editors I used to supervise: A younger mentor, a so-called ‘digital native,’ to show me the world through her eyes.

I also knew I would need more than a few technical tutorials. I wanted to learn the tone and nuance of online media culture, where entertainment, information, news, commerce, and soul-baring mingle seamlessly.

Well, it appears to have worked as she is credited as the first to post a resume on Vine — it went viral. 

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