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So What Happens When All Birth Control Is Free and Easily Available?

Apparently, many women still use abortion over and over again as a means of preventing motherhood.

Such is the case in the United Kingdom, where contraceptive coverage is universal, according to The Telegraph [emphasis mine]:

Official statistics for 2012 reveal that a record 37 per cent of all abortions performed in England and Wales last year were repeat procedures.

The figures include more than 4,500 women who underwent at least their four abortions, 1,334 on at least their fifth and 33 women who have terminated nine or more pregnancies.

The story also says that the number of abortions in the U.K. has dropped slightly, more sharply among teens, but that the number of late terminations and those on the grounds of fetal abnormalty rose. Almost half were chemically induced, rather than surgically, and 91 percent were prior to 13 weeks gestation.


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