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15 Cabins reserved last week! Fred’s on board! Get with the NR Cruise while there’s still a cabin to be had!


So far 550 folks are expected on Holland America’s Eurodam this November 8 – 15, enjoying the fun and sun and political shop-talk scheduled for the National Review 2008 Post-Election Caribbean Cruise. And why not, with this spectacular line-up: Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Chris Buckley, Mark Steyn, Bernard Lewis, Victor Davis Hanson, Mona Charen, Bill McGurn, Deroy Murdock, Pat Toomey, Rob Long, Andrew McCarthy, Brent Bozell, Scott W. Johnson, Jonah Goldberg, Kate O’Beirne, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Jay Nordlinger, Byron York, Ramesh Ponnuru, John J. Miller, Stephen Spruiell, Darcy Olsen, and Fr. Robert Sirico.

Yeah, that’s right, I said Stephen Spruiell!

Make sure you’re on board. Sign up at


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