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155 to 2

You’ll love this. The Daily Princetonian reports that 157 members of Princeton University’s faculty or staff have donated to the two presidential candidates. One hundred fifty-five donated to Obama; two donated to Romney. The two who donated to Romney were a visiting lecturer in engineering and a janitor.

A psychology professor told the paper that “professors in general are engaged in creating knowledge, so you have to be open to uncertainty and open to things being complicated.” She also said, in the paper’s words, that “there is even research that the speeches of liberal politicians are more cognitively complex.”

The janitor donated to Romney out of anti-abortion convictions.

I’m very happy to stand with the visiting lecturer and the janitor. And against the psychology professor and her confreres. You?

P.S. For my column on why I’m voting for Romney and against Obama — and I’m doing both, I would say — go here.


P.P.S. The psychology professor says that the speeches of liberal politicians are more cognitively complex. How about their ads? “Mitt Romney: Not one of us.” It seems to me there is nothing cognitively complex about Barack Obama in this election. His appeal has been, “Don’t vote for the rich guy who’ll give your wife cancer, ship your job overseas, favor his billionaire friends, rape the environment, cancel the federal government, and put y’all back in chains.” (There’s a touch of Biden in there too, true — the wonderfully cognitively complex Biden.)

Hell, Father Coughlin and Huey Long were more cognitively complex than Obama-Biden.


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