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156 to 1

I’m not known as an Allen booster around here. But it seems to me they make a pretty good point. They note that the Washington Post is now — now! — complaining about the tenor of the Allen-Webb race and trying to take the high road. The Post editorializes: 

We hope the present discussion won’t drown out a broader debate about what each candidate would seek to accomplish as a senator.

This sounds so High-Minded and Very Serious. But, according to the Allen campaign the Post has run 156 stories relating to the “macaca” stuff and exactly 1 mentioning Allen’s energy proposal. Frankly, I don’t know what his energy proposal is nor have I checked their math on the ratio of stories. But, I’m sure the gist is correct in that I look at the Post everyday, and their coverage of their own Senator (the Post is as much a Northern Virginia paper as a DC paper), has been far less than serious or high-minded.  



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