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19 Vets Die Because of VA Delays

Nineteen veterans diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and 2011 died because the Department of Veterans Affairs failed to conduct medical screenings in a timely fashion, CNN reports. VA documents obtained by the network linked these veterans’ deaths to long-term delays in the system that impeded their receiving timely diagnoses and treatments.

The 19 veterans are part of a larger group of 82 veterans who have died, are dying, or have suffered serious injuries because of the delays.

One man, Barry Coates, was repeatedly told that he “may need a colonoscopy,” but only after calling the department and setting up an appointment himself for several months in the future — the earliest appointment he could get — could he get the necessary exam. The colonoscopy determined that he had a cancerous tumor the size of a baseball, and he is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Deaths have been reported in the South Carolina and Georgia region, Florida, and the Rocky Mountain region, suggesting there are problems across the VA system.

Via Fox News.


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