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20 Things That Caught My Eye Today: Little Miracles of Life, Foster Children & More (June 30, 2021)


2. Nike Chooses China Profits Over Uyghur Slaves

3. AP Exclusive: Diplomats say China puts squeeze on Ukraine

4. Young American Adults Are Dying — and Not Just From Covid

5. Mark Rienzi: The Supreme Court Unanimously Protects Religious Foster Agencies

Imposing beliefs is what Philadelphia officials tried to do. They demanded that the Catholic agency change its policies – rooted in millennia-old beliefs on marriage – or close its doors.  Worst of all, Philadelphia was willing to let hundreds of kids stay in group homes or institutions rather than place them with loving families who partner with Catholic Social Services. Just days before the city’s ultimatum, it put out an urgent call for hundreds more foster families to fill the shortfall. The city was willing to impose its own orthodoxy and do it at the expense of foster kids. 

6. Mental health toll from isolation affecting kids on reentry

Like many states, Colorado doesn’t have enough child and teen mental health therapists to meet demand, an issue even before the pandemic, Williams said.

Children who need outpatient treatment are finding it takes six to nine months for an appointment. And many therapists don’t accept health insurance, leaving struggling families with few options. Delays in treatment can lead to crises that land kids in the ER.

Those who improve after inpatient psychiatric care but aren’t well enough to go home are being sent out of state because there aren’t enough facilities in Colorado, Williams said.

7. Emilie Kao: We’ll Tell You What ‘60 Minutes+’ Won’t About How Transgender Movement Endangers Kids

“I look back with a lot of sadness. There was nothing wrong with my body. I was just lost and without proper support,” (Keira Bell, who is de-transitioning) said. “Transition gave me the facility to hide from myself even more than before. It was a temporary fix, if that.” 

The premise of “gender-affirming care” is that changing the cosmetic appearance of a child’s body to resemble the opposite sex will alleviate his or her underlying mental and emotional distress.

But not a single study has demonstrated any mental health benefits.

One of the most comprehensive studies on long-term effects of transitioning, performed in Sweden, showed that after surgery, transgender-identifying people were more likely to commit suicide, at a rate 19 times higher than the average population. 

8. Transgender woman wins Miss Nevada title, will compete for Miss USA

9. ‘Frankenscience’: This Bizarre Chinese Experiment Is Beneath Human Dignity

10. Disabled people forgotten during Covid, BBC research reveals

11. Quick thinking by local mom helps find missing Hyattsville boy with autism

12. Photos: Missing after Florida condo collapse

13. Interview with pro-life former Democrat representative: Dan Lipinski – ‘The partisan divide is a sectarian divide’

I have really come to believe that the partisan divide is a sectarian divide— the two parties have become religions with sets of doctrine that you must agree with, or else you get accused of apostasy. 

Catholics don’t fit into either of these two sides. We don’t fit completely into these two sides. And I think that makes Catholics uniquely gifted to try to bridge this divide. But it’s very difficult because everyone is basically forced into choosing one of these two, especially if you’re in elected office, and basically you have to choose one of these two parties. It is extremely difficult if you step out of line.

As I look at this, I don’t think our country can survive the way things are right now with our sectarian partisan divide. I don’t think it’s possible to survive because it’s impossible to work together. 

And I think it’s especially difficult for Catholics. But it doesn’t mean that we can just cede the public square; we’ve got to keep working to bring the truth forward. 

I’m hopeful that my witness is a positive one, and people take something good out of that. I hope other people stand up. I hope people don’t take out of my experience that Catholics need to get out, because we absolutely have to be in the public square. 

We have to be in the public and political arena. But it’s incredibly difficult right now.

14.  Canadian police investigate two more ‘suspicious’ fires at Catholic churches


16. ‘Fulton’ Ruling Teaches Important Lesson to Catholic Educators

17. How religious freedom law fails Native Americans

If the government took land owned by a Baptist church to build a highway, the Baptists could build another church on the other side of town. For many religious groups, that would be possible.

But Native Americans can’t go create a new sacred site on the other side of town. Their religious practices are inherently tied to a specific piece of land.

You can compare the situation to the prison context or military context. A prisoner or soldier can’t eat a kosher diet or access the Catholic sacraments unless the government facilitates that since the government controls the environment.

We should recognize that the government has an obligation to facilitate or accommodate religious exercise in contexts like that.

18. David Frum: The Left’s War on Gifted Kids

19. Two women chatted in a bathroom. They soon realized they were each a match for the other’s husband, who needed a kidney.



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