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2008 GOP Platform Looks to be Big Departure from 2004

Denver, Schmenver. The real fun is here in Minneapolis, where I’m sitting at a Caribou Coffee overlooking a Brooks Brothers. Best of both worlds?

Anyway, earlier today I got a sneak preview of a draft version of the 2008 GOP Platform. Over the next few days, platform-committee members will be discussing, revising and voting on parts of the platform, with the goal of producing a finished document by the end of the week. The draft should be available online sometime tomorrow morning, and I’ll post it as soon as I can. For now, I can tell you the following:

1. It is shorter than the 2004 GOP Platform, by half.

2. The 2000 platform referenced George W. Bush over 40 times.The 2004 platform referenced him over 200 times The 2008 draft platform references Bush zero times. It references John McCain zero times. I saw Reagan’s name a couple of times, but that’s about it.

3. The 2008 draft platform appears to be more principles-driven and less policy-driven. It is obviously much less personality driven. The 2004 document was full of references to Bush and Bush policies. As I mentioned above, the 2008 draft platform doesn’t contain any of that. It is more a declaration of what the Republican Party should stand for in the future.

4. Border security is addressed very early in the 2008 draft document, under the national-security heading. The document very clearly states, “We oppose amnesty.” There is a subheading titled “Embracing immigrant communities,” but the language makes clear this applies to “legally present immigrants.”

Much more on this and other platform issues tomorrow morning when it becomes available.

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