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A gay-adoption fight is percolating in Boston—though as far as the state goes it sounds like it should be a religious-freedom issue first and foremost.

UPDATED: Here’s Romney’s statement on the matter:

“I had a good discussion with Archbishop O’Malley about the important role the Catholic Church plays as one of the largest social service providers in Massachusetts, and the vital service they perform in the placement for adoption of children with severe emotional and physical needs.

I would like to see the Church continue to provide this service. I believe religious institutions should be able to carry out their mission of helping people without violating their faith. However, as I’ve said in the past, I cannot by executive order waive the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Ultimately, legislation may need to be filed to provide an exemption based on religious principles. I look forward to continuing our discussions with the Church so that we can assist them in performing their charitable work in a way that does not violate their religious beliefs.”


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