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Since 2009, a More Violent, and Threatened, Nation

The New York Times has a fascinating chart tracking U.S. deaths from extremist attacks since 2002. Adapted from a project of the progressive New America Foundation, the chart separates incidents into “Deadly Jihadist Attacks” and “Deadly Right Wing Attacks.” Leaving aside the misleading labeling of all non-Islamist attacks as “right wing,” the chart shows that from 2002 through 2009, both groups murdered 3 Americans each. From 2009, however, jihadists have murdered 42 Americans (48 percent of all deaths from extremists), while non-Islamists murdered 45 Americans (52 percent). In other words, since 2009, deaths from extremist attacks in the United States have increased 1,450 percent. Add that to the recent increasing murder rate in many American cities, and the picture is of a society growing more violent and becoming more threatened over the past six years.


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